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Moonrock believes in breeding the best Norwich Terriers for show, performance, or companionship.

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Sparky at play

Sparky romps in the yard - 5/6/2001

Sparky is the Norwich that got us started.

He came to us at the end of 2000. Then he completed his championship and collected a number of other titles. Eventually, he was recognized by the Norwich Terrier Club of America for his acheivements. Sparky passed away in 2014, but he will always be in our hearts.

Sparky was a wonderful example of the breed.

A sturdy little terrier.

One of the smallest of the terriers, the Norwich is always ready for the hunt. Happy and fearless, they make great companions.

Sometimes called a "square dog", the Norwich should be about the same length and height. About 12 pounds, the Norwich comes in various shades of red, mixtures of red and black called grizzle, and a pattern with distinct black and tan areas.

Living with Norwich.

In general, Norwich enjoy people and get along with other dogs. Mine have "never met a stranger".

They make good watchdogs because they will signal any intrusion or unusual sound.

Norwich should be contained by a fence or restrained by a leash because of their very strong hunting instinct. They will give chase to any kind of small animal that they perceive as game. This can often get them in trouble, especially in urban areas.

Sporting dogs.

Norwich Terriers can be taught to do things like obedience or agility. It takes an understanding of the terrier frame of mind. As a dog that was developed to hunt independently; a Norwich ( or most any kind of terrier ) can easily be distracted by sights, sounds, or scents that could be prey.

Norwich are very smart. Life is never dull with a Norwich.

I hope you will take the time to meet the dogs in the Moonrock Pack.

Phil and Ann Whatley
Moonrock Norwich Terriers